My own interpretation of footage gathered from one of many projects with a long-term client, Stag & Crow Magazine. We did two video shoots for a digital version of the magazine - throughout shooting the second music video, the likeness started to stand out to me. With their permission I've put together what I imagined.

Stingy Jack

This is a Halloween short film I was a Director of Photographer for. It was a LemurTale Media production. For a short one day shoot we managed to get some amazing visuals with the fantastic actor, Seán Ahern.

Candeluna Christmas Collection

I had the pleasure of Producing this Christmas Advert for a long-term client of mine. It's a perfect showcase of my skills when it comes to commercial work. Along with video I also provide product photography services.

The Kitchen Fairy Promo

This is a project I worked one of two cameras for, as part of a LemurTale production. Shooting culinary commercials is always great fun, sometimes you get to try the food afterwards :)